Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello friends, I have seen a lot of Facebook Post wondering what is going in at the Crossroads corner where the old Grogan Store is located.  Well... let me tell you exactly what will be going there at this time.  DOLLAR TREE AND ADVANCED AUTO are the two business that will be developed there with an expected completion date of mid July early August.  There will be 2 additional pads that the developer is looking to bring in some restaurants so if you have any contacts of restaurants that would like to be in the area by all means please have them give me a call.  I will have the site plan posted next week.

Also, behind the Kroger my landlord is building a new 11,000 sq foot retail building.  I do have one user that is very interested and will make the announcement of who it is once all parties agree on terms.

Stay tuned for more information.