Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I've heard from many of my followers missing my updates, glad to see you are enjoying them.  I've been very busy with my real estate business and am so glad (as most of you are) to see the rebound in the market.  Everywhere I go I see contractors busy building new homes, commercial projects, and parking garages, etc.

In the Cedarcrest corridor we have 2 new projects.  There is a drive-thru, family owned Pharmacy going up next to Turner Pediatric Dentistry.  They will be offering personal pharmacy services as well as delivery.

Next.....(drum role please) we have going in next to Mellow Mushroom on Cedarcrest Road and Cobb Parkway a new "Southern Cuisine, Farm to Table Restaurant".  Once the name has been decided I will post and try to get a sneak peak of their menu.

Ace Hardware will be opening soon at their new location on Dallas Acworth Highway.  The family owned company has been in the lumber industry for over 100 years and will be brining their expertise to Paulding County.   They will have not just Ace Hardware but Paulding Building Supply.  Their store will have a rocking chair front porch similar to Cracker Barrel and will have a warm family atmosphere throughout the store.  Stay tuned for grand opening events!

And last but certainly not least.  Most of you know Sever Group as being a Commercial Real Estate firm however what you may not know if that we also have a residential division and it's growing fast. At Sever Group we are able to help you with all your real estate needs whether it be residential, commercial or property management.  My top selling agent is Trish Greer.  She is a Seven Hills resident and in just a few short months has become a multi-million dollar producer.  Trish's reputation for hard work, dedication and honesty is the just a few reasons why her business has grown so quickly.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog and I will keep you updated as more new projects develop.


  1. Any update on the Farm to Table restaurant? 3 months later there is still a "for lease" sign in front the that unit.

  2. What happened with the farm to table restaurant?

  3. They are working on their financing, the project has been delayed. Unfortunately that's the nature of the commercial real estate business at times.